Helpful Hints for a Successful Presentation

​​​Before getting started on your presentation, please take some time to review the resources below. These guidelines provide you with useful directions, from crafting to delivering your talk, and include tips and tricks to help you create meaningful audience engagement.

NEW - Speaker Education Web Series

AIHA will host a series of webinars (live and recorded) available to all AIHce EXP presenters. The various webcasts will walk you through the presentation process from start to finish: educate you on how to navigate the resources available to you, improve your presentation skills, and assist you in meeting all necessary deadlines.

*Note: dates below are tentative​

​Date ​Subjects Covered
​11/19/2018​​ Kick-off call for the SparkTalks Presenters
​12/6/2018 How to manage your online speaker account, action items, and due dates.
     Click the here for the recording​, or click here for a copy of the slides​.
​1/8​/2019 What to expect on-site: room sets, logistics forms for PDC presenters, and convention center rules and regulations
   Click here for the recording, or click here for a copy of the slides.
​2/5/2019 Promoting your session/attendance
Click here for the recording, or click here for a copy of the slides.​
2/21/2019 Presentation preparation: uploading, PPT, review of resources online, timeline, deliverables for PDCs
     Scheduled for 3:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)​.  Click here to log-in​.
3/4/2019 Academic Track Presenters
     Scheduled for 2:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).  Click here to login.​
​3/7/2019 ​Presentation preparation: uploading, PPT, review of resources online, timeline for Education Sessions
3/14/2019 ​Presentation preparation: format, printing options, author attend time, upload for judging and awards for Posters
​3/18/2019 ​SparkTalks Rehearsal
​4/4/2019 ​Presentation tips to include adult learning techniques
​4/18/2019 ​Virtual Conference Presenters
​5/2/2019 E​ducation Session Moderators: responsibilities, time keeping, speaker intros, Q&A
​5/2/2019 ​On-site for PDCs; how monitors will assist; Speaker Ready Room; post conference (evals and honorariums)
​5/2/2019 ​On-site for Education Sessions; how moderators will assist; Speaker Ready Room; on-site upload option; post-conference (evals)

Need tips on how to deliver your talk at AIHce EXP? 

Have you ever suffered through one of those awful sessions? You know, the one where you can’t read the tiny print; there are more bullets than in the “Rambo” movies; or you just nod off. None of us want to be “that speaker” – the one who reads their slides without a care for their audience without engaging us. We all know several of the “don’ts” of speaking, but do you know the “dos” and especially how? This session focuses on what you can do to make your next session at AIHce EXP a really compelling one that leaves people talking about it (in a good way). Through demonstrations of various techniques while covering the topics, you’ll learn how to tweak or revamp your staid session into a stellar one.

WATCH "Bringing Your A-Game – Stellar Sessions at AIHce EXP.” Presenter: Jonathan Klane, M.S.Ed., CIH, CSP, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.  

Plan your presentation week by week utilizing AIHA’s “Spea​ker Tips of the Week” 

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