Special Accommodations

ADA Accom​​odations

AIHce EXP, the Minneapolis Convention Center, and all AIHce EXP contracted hotels abide by the regulations of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Minneapolis Convention Center offers wheelchair and scooter rentals through The Mobility Shop. Reserve your scooter or wheelchair online or by calling 1-888-404-5554. We recommend reserving at least 72 hours in advance to guarantee your rental will be available when you arrive. 

Advance pre-register rental fees are:

  • $50.00 USD per day for scooters
  • $20.00 USD per day for wheelchairs

On-site reservations may be made at the Visitor Information Center at the MCC during regular business hours. Because this inventory is for on-site, walk-up rentals only, scooters and wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests registering on-site have the option to pay the full-day or half-day rate:

  • Scooters: $35.00 USD per half-day (four (4) hour minimum)
  • Wheelchairs: $10.00 USD per half-day (four (4) hour minimum)

Guest will be refunded $15.00 for the scooter or $10 for the wheelchair if returned within four (4) hours.

Dietary Accomodations

Whenever possible, arrangements will be made for those with dietary restrictions or allergies provided AIHce EXP has received prior notice. Indicate your requirements when you register, and we will contact you to further discuss details. Unfortunately we are unable to honor requests made on or after Monday, May 6.

For those requesting special meals during registration, you will receive a ticket with your badge listing the type of meal you will receive. Give this ticket to any staff member at the meal function indicated, and you will be given your special meal.​

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