Certification Maintenance

CM Points
A​​ll registrations include AIHce EXP OnDemand recordings. 

Take advantage of all this year’s conference has to offer through AIHce EXP OnDemand. After the conference, you’ll receive online access to recorded presentations (all audio; some video) through December 2019. Earn additional contact hours by viewing the recorded sessions and submitting evaluations. Access instructions and details will be emailed approximately 6-8 weeks following AIHce EXP.

PDC Completion and AIHce EXP Pr​​oof of Attendance

  • Educational transcripts will be available by July 12, 2019.
  • Member and nonmember educational transcripts will have both certification information and contact hours for preconference courses (PDCs) and AIHce EXP 2019 attendance uploaded.
  • Access your transcript online

AIHce EXP OnDe​​mand

AIHce EXP OnDemand is the package of session recordings and is included with full registrations. Recordings will be available 6-8 weeks following the conference, and you will have access through December 31, 2019. Once available, you will receive an email with access and credit instructions.

Credit is available for viewing the recordings. Detailed information will be included in the notification email.

Recordings are slides synched with audio. Some recordings may include video of the presenters. Slide handouts are not included. AIHA does not collect and post slide presentations. If you are interested in a particular presentation, reach out directly to the presenter to see if they are willing to share.

Have other questions about AIHce EXP OnDemand? Contact Colleen Manning.

Credit Documenta​tion

Proof of participation for AIHce EXP and PDCs will be in your AIHA transcript. All records will be updated by July 12, 2019. Once your transcript has been updated, you will receive a notification email. If you need documentation earlier to meet your recertification deadline, please contact Erin Breece.

Access Your Continuing Education Records Online 24/7

Online AIHA educational transcripts allow you to:

  • Review and track educational credits
  • Print a complete history as often as you like

AIHA maintains attendance records for seven years. Individuals are responsible for retaining all documentation for future reference and/or certification audits. 

AIHA does not track instruction and presentation points for authors, instructors, or speakers. Full attendance and participation is required to earn credit; partial credit is not awarded. Questions regarding certification may be directed to AIHA’s Education Team.


AIHA educational events are designed to provide CM credit for CIH certification maintenance and candidate training.


PDCs that align with the IH Coursework Requirement can be claimed for credit.


  • PDCs – CM credit is based on contact hours (assigned by AIHA) and topic (aligned to one or more CM areas of IH, Safety, or IH Ethics).
  • AIHce EXP – Eligible for an estimated 18 hours of CM credit.
  • Hours are based on individual participation time in Education Sessions (e.g., keynotes, presentations, lectures, technical tours)
  • CM credit can be claimed solely in the IH CM area or may be further segregated (i.e., IH, Safety, or IH Ethics) based on sessions attended.
  • Instructors, presenters, authors, and session arrangers receive CM points based on their role. (See ABIH categories 5 and 7)

Proof of Participation

  • PDC – AIHA Educational Transcript
  • AIHce EXP – Transcript or registration record and evidence of physical presence in the city on the days claimed
  • Instructors, presenters, authors – Advance or Final Program indicating name(s)

For questions or guidance, visit www.abih.org, contact ABIH at (517) 321-2638, or visit the ABIH booth on-site.


BCSP recognizes CEUs and Contact Hours awarded for Education. Please refer to the BCSP website for details. For points/hours, see individual PDC descriptions.


BCRSP has previously awarded CM points for this event. The current program contains 18 technical hours and may be eligible for BCRSP CM points. See BCRSP web site for CM point criteria.


*Pending Approval* The Registration Maintenance (RM) Committee of the Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists (CRBOH) will award RM points for attendance.

  • 1 RM point for each full-day 

Registrants claiming RM points must provide proof of attendance.​

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