Why Should You EXPerience AIHce 2019 in Minneapolis


The 2019 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition is just a few months away, and there are many reasons why you should be part of the EXPerience.

Minneapolis has a rich history, much of which aligns with our mission to advance worker health and safety. The year 2019 marks AIHce EXP’s 80th year, while Minneapolis commemorates the 85th anniversary of the 1934 Teamsters’ strike. This strike changed the lives of working people, the same way industrial hygienists aim to protect workers within their industries. Just as those strikes led Minneapolis (once one of the country’s most notorious anti-union bastions) to become a “union town,” today AIHce EXP 2019 leads the way in finding solutions to improve workers’ health and safety.

If you are a woman in industrial hygiene, being in Minneapolis is extra special as it’s the home of the trailblazing sitcom about women in the workplace, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” You’ll find spread throughout the city five statues of the character who inspired hundreds of young women. AIHce EXP will honor that trailblazing spirit with the Women in IH Leadership Summit, Saturday, May 18, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (separate registration required).

AIHce EXP 2019 will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, the same convention center that has hosted the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Paul Simon.

Speaking of music superstars, if you join us at AIHce EXP 2019, you will get to experience Prince’s Minneapolis. Let the city that shaped Prince into the artist he became inspire you to shape the future of industrial hygiene. OK, maybe that one’s a stretch… but still a fun fact to explore!

There are a thousand other reasons why you should join us in Minneapolis, from the Mall of America, to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, to the Skyway System. What’s yours?

Meet us at the conference, tag us on your social media posts using #AIHceEXP, or join the discussion at Catalyst, and show us how you are enjoying the AIHce EXPerience in Minneapolis. For more information about registration, visit us here.​

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