Which Pathway Are You Following?


The American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (AIHce EXP) offers key career development opportunities no matter where you are on your professional pathway. From our Personal AIHce Liaison (PAL) mentor program to sessions specifically designed for various career levels to our CareerAdvantage center, just to name a few, you can maximize all your opportunities at the conference. AIHce EXP has proved to be critical to our attendees’ pathways to success​. With it, you can help identify and maximize all of the career-enhancing opportunities at AIHce EXP and beyond. 

Want to know how AIHce EXP can help you on your professional path?  

  1. Student – At this stage in the career game you need to meet as many people as possible. So, where else can you get in front of as many experienced, respected, and influential industrial hygiene (IH) and occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals? Not to mention these attendees want to meet people just like you! They want to help foster the next generation of IH professionals. So stop by the AIHA booth to learn more about polishing your resume, finding a mentor to help you identify your path to success, or finding your next big IH opportunity. 
  1. Early Career Professional – Still mastering your core competencies? If so, remember that AIHce EXP is your one-stop-shop for all things IH and OEHS! You can benefit from education, professional development, networking, and anything else you need to become an established IH professional. The career experts at the AIHA booth can help guide you to the key sessions, groups, and resources for you and your goals. Are you ready to get the career boost you’ve been looking for? It’s all in Minneapolis at AIHce EXP 2019! 
  1. Professional – If you’re already established in the IH and OEHS field, then AIHce EXP is the perfect place to connect with your peers and explore the latest innovations and tools in your industry. Are you a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or are you working to become a CIH? As you become more specialized and your resume grows, you can meet with the CareerAdvantage team to chart the course for the next phase of your career.    
  1. Senior Professional – At this stage, you’ve made your mark in the IH community by applying your significant experience to managing large-scale IH programs, and it’s time to think about what’s next when it comes to the future career mountains you want to climb. You can leverage your experience with leadership and management skills to transition into the role of a lifetime. 
  1. Emeritus Professional – You've had a long and accomplished career in industrial hygiene, and it's hard to tear away from all the professional and personal connections you've made over the years. Why not share that wealth of experience and knowledge with those who are early into their own professional journey? Join our PAL program or dive into the mentoring experience. Seek out the next generation and help them to be as good as or better than you in protecting worker health around the world.

No matter where you are on your professional pathway, you'll find something rewarding at AIHce EXP. After all, IH is a journey that is best shared with others as you pursue the elimination of illness in the workplace.​

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