Using the Catalyst to Increase Your EXPerience


One of the things we love about the industrial hygiene and occupational environmental health and safety IH/OEHS community is that professionals of all levels are working across the globe, which is fantastic. But this can also leave us feeling disconnected at times, especially when budgets restrict traveling to conferences like AIHce. What if there was an opportunity to network with colleagues from all over the world without worrying about time zones and travel?

This is why we launched the Catalyst community​ for AIHA members. Since the launch in January 2018, members have been collaborating online in private communities, sharing documents, building a library, networking with peers in the Open Forum, and contributing and receiving expertise with other subject matter experts in the field.

Catalyst is just one of the benefits of being an AIHA member. In addition to the online community, our professional community covers the following: 

  • Over 48 technical and professional development committees and working groups
  • Over 68 Local Sections
  • Over 23 Student Local Sections
Within Catalyst, there’s no limit to the topics you can discuss with your fellow IH/OEHS professionals. You can connect with members of your local sections, advisory groups, and even AIHce speakers. The conversations range from topic-specific questions and brainstorming about the challenges in our industry to young professionals seeking help from more experienced IH/OEHS professionals. 

You can make the most of the Catalyst community by doing the following:

  • Completing your profile
  • Reading the Daily Digest in your email every morning
  • Posting questions
  • Providing your opinion or a solution to others’ questions
  • Participating as a mentor or mentee
  • Posting a blog
Joining us in Minneapolis for AIHce EXP? Be sure to join the community within Catalyst that’s just for AIHce EXP registrants​. You can make connections before you even arrive at the conference, helping to elevate your EXPerience at the conference. 

Berrak Sarikaya is a natural conversation driver with an undeniable belief in the power of community. A proven content strategist and speaker, she resides in Seattle, WA. Follow her on Twitter.​

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