Top Ten Things to Do in Minneapolis


First time in Minneapolis? Or maybe your third? Either way, be sure to check out some of these amazing sights! First off, let’s state the obvious: Minneapolis is the home of the late, great Prince. Naturally, a visit to Paisley Park is a must for any music lover. But the city has so much more to offer too, from natural beauty to arts and culture — and of course, the largest mall in America. There is something for everyone, and over half of the fun things on our list are free. So, if you decide to extend your stay or come early before AIHce EXP’s activities begin, try and stop by at least one or two of these places.  

So here are AIHA’s top 10 “to-do’s” in Minneapolis:

  1. Paisley Park  
  2. Chain of Lakes (Free) 
  3. Stone Arch Bridge (Free) 
  4. Mill City Museum
  5. Minneapolis Institute of Art (Free) 
  6. Mall of America (Free) 
  7. Guthrie Theater 
  8. Minnesota Zoo
  9. Weisman Art Museum (Free) 
  10. Midtown Global Market (Free) 
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