I Want to Attend, but My Boss Needs Convincing


Every year, you’ve got choices to make when it comes to your professional development. We’re happy you’re considering attending AIHce EXP in Minneapolis this year! But you’ve got one last hurdle to make – convincing your supervisor that going to this major, annual event for industrial hygiene is the right thing to do.

When it comes down to it, our bosses want to hear our thoughtful justifications for attending, so we have a few things for you to consider as you prepare your pitch to attend:

Know the agenda… and the speakers

You can look over our full educational session schedule and see what sessions fit your needs. You’ll want to highlight the ones that also fit the goals, mission, or vision of your employer. Showing how these sessions mesh with both your professional goals and the company’s mission is a great way to show just how critical this education is for you and them.

You’ll also want to look at the speakers’ list. Every year, we have sessions designed and presented by some of the top thought leaders in industrial hygiene and your topic(s) of interest. Whether it’s cutting edge techniques or new approaches to constant pain points, there are definite reasons you’ll want to attend their sessions.

Craft a sample agenda

Once you’ve looked over the education sessions, create a quick look at your proposed daily schedule. Show which sessions you plan on attending and a quick one or two sentences as to why that session is important for you to attend.

You’ll also want to create a shortlist of speakers with whom you hope to connect who are experts in your field. Expanding your personal and professional network is a must in today’s career environment​.

What’s your top three?

Finally, you’ll want to be able to sum up why attending AIHce EXP is a must. Create three value statements that incorporate your professional goals and the goals of your organization. Here’s a couple of examples:

  • I aim to learn from real success stories that show how we can apply proven solutions to the problems we face while saving valuable time and money.
  • Some of our industry’s top thought leaders will be presenting, and it’s important that we hear what they have to say and look to incorporate their knowledge into our processes, so we can continue our culture of safety and health for our workers.
  • Attending this conference will provide me with valuable skills, methods, and access to key theories, research, and technologies that can help improve our work and safety practices.

Send a letter of request

Be upfront with your request, and give your top three reasons for attending. Share how the event will benefit you and by extension, the organization. Then describe some of the sessions you plan on attending and the speakers you’re most interested to hear. Finally, provide an estimated cost breakdown, including registration, travel, and other incidentals you’ll incur.

Sound good? If not, we've got a few other tips for you to consider. Or if that seems a bit too much for you, we’ve done some of the work for you! Download our sample letter​, and fill out the blanks before submitting it to your supervisor.

When you’ve been approved, head on over to the registration page. We’ll see you in Minneapolis!​

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