Hot New Expo Event to Showcase Key IH Tools and Tech


One of the first things on your to-do list in the AIHce EXP Expo Hall must be finding out about the new tech and tools to help you do your job. What’s the latest and greatest? How will it make my job better? Can it have a better impact on my eternal quest for total worker health and safety? 

Previously, you’d have to rely on instinct, pre-conference research, and random wanderings around the hall to find the answers to those questions. Fortunately for you, we’ve put those products right in front you – and in one convenient location! Welcome to the New Product Pavilion. 

Located toward the back of the Expo Hall, this self-enclosed space is separated from the hustle and bustle of frenetic energy that is the exhibit floor. Here you’ll find several key products that are new or just-coming-out for 2019, all designed to help you find success on your job. 

The interesting twist for this pavilion than those you’ll find at other events is that you’ll only find products in here – no sales reps, no hard sells. Participating vendors will place their product on display, along with an info card containing important information – including their booth number and a scannable QR code that will take you to more specific information, such as a video demonstration, vital statistics, or more detailed data points. This way, you can interact with the product in a neutral, quiet environment and make quality decisions on your own. And if you need more information to help with that process, you’ll know exactly where to go next on the show floor! 

We’ve opened this pavilion only for those sponsors and exhibitors who have the latest and greatest products rolling out for 2019. We’re excited to create this space for you and hope it’ll be one of the first places you visit when the Expo Hall opens on Monday, May 20.​

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